Attractive beauty of Hang Rai

Stone tufts cluster prominently on the blue water and sky, showing off its wild and majestic beauty as well as the precious tranquility.


Located to the south of Vinh Hy Bay and being one of the places included in the exploration of Ninh Thuan’s beauty, Hang Rai (Otters Cave) in Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Hy district, where used to focus the plethora of otters, are always the best destination of “phuot thu” (the travelers who love traveling by themselves), photography enthusiasts or those who love fishing.

It is really difficult to explain why tourism agencies do not consider this place as a destination for their tourists though it is nearby Vinh Hy Bay, because once setting the feet here, no one can resist the alluring and charming beauty of the stones clustering into groups, scattering on the coast as the animals dancing with waves and the wild as well as the imposing beauty of the rocky beach without human intervention.


Some explanation may be thought of includes the fact that this place is not suitable for many guests, but it is not true. In addition to the beauty of the stones, the tourists traveling here have the rare chances to soak themselves in a small beach beside and contemplate the poetic swamp poured down from the God Mountain or the pure clear streamline. Looking from the mountain peak, the tourists can get the whole peaceful Binh Tien sea image on their eyes or the lively picture of the goats lounging on the cliffs and admire the opposite beauty between the barren cliff and green trees.


Those who desire to discover or love thrills are also pleased by numerous attractive challenges such as conquering low and high stones, lurking in the big and small caves, diving and watching the herds of colorful swimming fish.


After getting tired with these games with stones, the tourists can select a seat and enjoy the breeze, cast the baits or visit the fishing villages behind the cactus bushes blooming all year round, contemplate the astonishing picture of the boats drifting on the waves or enjoy the fresh seafood processed by the villagers.









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