Tac Tinh Waterfall – Lai Chau

“Tác Tình” Waterfall also known as Love waterfall, located in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau province. This is one of the attractive landscape of Lai Chau province, attracting many visitors prefer to explore the natural beauty.

“Tac Tinh” Waterfall lies between a huge mountain area, from the far distance it likes a soft silk range are left itself in the immense space of majestic mountains. For long time ago, when the life of the Dao and local residents have been inextricably linked with the waterfall, cooling water source, following from year to another. The waterfall is key factor for the agricultural production and life of locals here.

Love Waterfall is so beautiful waterfall, but few people know the behind the stunning beauty that is a sad love story. The story tell that for long time ago, in a Dao ethnic at the foot of the waterfall there was a beautiful Lo Lan girl, her beauty is such as orchids flower . She fell in love with a guy in the same village and they had happy time together.

But happiness was not long before the disaster has occured with two people, their love has faced with many obstacles. In order to fulfill all their love and loyalty vows between two people, she left herself into Lo Lan waterfall. Impressed by the action of  the young girl, locals here named it- Love waterfall to honor her with the desire to protect for the love story of two people.

With pristine natural scenery of northwestern mountains and intense love story, loyalty of the couple has created a waterfall just brought back the glamor has captivated mystery hearts.

Time goes by, the waterfall still remains the pristine beauty, tourists in Vietnam travel come to this place remains the impression will not fade away for waterfall of love.


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