Ho Chi Minh Museum – Dragon House Wharf

If you have thought about a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, you must have known (or at least wondered) who Ho Chi Minh is. He is considered by many Vietnamese the most influential leader in the modern history of the country, whose legendary life and good traits are ideal to look up to.

Historically, Ho Chi Minh’s life is closely related to a place known as Dragon House Wharf (Ben Nha Rong). Today, even though this destination has no longer functioned as a dock, it has become a tourist-magnet attracting millions of people annually from both inside and outside the country.

Dragon Wharf is initially a large trading harbor of Sai Gon (the old name of Ho Chi Minh City). In 1862, the French built this harbor to meet the demand of transportation between the colonized Vietnam and the world. Located on the junction of the Saigon River, near the end of Nguyen Tat Thanh Street (District 4), the Harbor is well-known for its unique architecture which combines Vietnamese style and French style.

This characteristic is well reflected through the design of the main French-style building, which has two Vietnamese-dragon-shaped statues on its roof top, a detail that can be easily found in the architecture of Vietnam traditional temples and pagodas. Apart from its unconventional architectural features, this building was the place where Ho Chi Minh departed Vietnam for his 30-year journey around the world in 1911. Nowadays, the Wharf is regarded as “Ho Chi Minh Museum;” it houses a rich collection of his personal belongings and journals as well as many scripts and publications documenting his wondrous life.

It is never too late to become intellectually engaging, even when you are on a trip to a country you have never been to. Thus, if you need another destination to learn about the rich culture and history of Vietnam, take a few hours of your total trip to visit the Dragon House Wharf and learn about a life that has inspired millions of people in the world.


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