San Lung wine in Sapa

San Lung wine is found in some of north mountainous areas such as Sapa( Lao Cai province), Ha Giang provinces. The ingredients of this wine is rice planted in terraced-field and some herb leaves.

There are two kinds of San Lung: the light black brown and white crystal color. San Lung wine is said to be the “fairy wine” with the feeling of cheery and acry without headache.

San Lung Wine in North Mountainous AreaTasting the wine in the morning, you could be supported by God’s power and would work without feeling tired. If drinking it at night with your friends, there seems to be invisible rope connecting the two to make people speak out the nice words which could be said in no other time.

According to the Dao people, an ethnic minority of Vietnam, San Lung is wine of God made from Po Sen stream which is always cool all year- round. The North mountain area is very immense with many precious and strange leaves and forest products. That special conditions have made the special feast of San Lung.

The feast is required to have enough taste of prevent cold, flu, blood circulating etc. The paddy is chosen from terraced field rice. People soak the paddy until it has sprout before stewing with herb leaves. San Lung – Bat Xat district – Lao Cai province is currently a famous destination for tourist to taste this kind of wine.



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