Old Villas in a Flowery Area

Nestled in a pine forest, Dalat Cadasa Resort with wild features has become a highlight in the peaceful space of the misty city of Da Lat. The resort has 16 villas in different architectural styles, which mingle with the magnificent beauty of nature, bringing relaxed moments to visitors.

A moss-covered window. Photo: Huu Thanh

The villas in Dalat Cadasa Resort have French architecture. They were the first villas built by the French in Da Lat. During the French domination they were the convalescence home of the southern Resident Superior, Emperor Bao Dai and other mandarins. Before 1975, they were reserved for the senior generals in the former Saigon regime to rest. After 1975, these villas were left uninhabited and degraded, so they were considered sleeping princesses in the forest. It was not until 2010 when Da Lat authorities organized a Da Lat Flower Festival that “these princesses” were awakened.

Magnificent moon-lit night over the villas. Photo: Kim Phuong
The Cadasa Joint Stock Company has restored the villas and turned the area into a resort with the name Dalat Cadasa Resort. During the process of restoration, the architects tried to keep the villas’ original flavor which was a combination of the luxurious beauty of the French architecture in the early 20th century, the wild features of hills and mountains in Dalat and the simple beauty of the rural areas. The new interior is designed to suit the general style of the villas. Outside, the pine forest is retained and small hills of grass and paths with wild flowers on both sides have been added to the garden.

Part of villa No. 16. Photo: Huu Thanh

A hedge covered with flowers and climbing plants. Photo: Huu Thanh

A balcony with French architecture. Photo: Huu Thanh

Lang Bian Mountains and the bell tower of the Da Lat College of Education – a typical architectural work of Da Lat, seen from the Dalat Cadasa Resort. Photo: Huu Thanh

The villas lying among pine forests and flowers. Photo: Huu Thanh

A fireplace in a villa with typical features of French villas. Photo: Huu Thanh

Dalat Cadasa Resort at sunset. Photo: Huu Thanh

Warm space in villa. Photo: Huu Thanh

Visiting the villas. Photo: Huu Thanh

Climbing plants make the villa look wild and old. Photo: Huu Thanh
Dalat Cadasa Resort consists of 16 villas lying on six hectares along both sides of Tran Hung Dao Street. Situated on a sloping hill near the old Prenn Pass (present-day Mimosa Pass), Tran Hung Dao Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Da Lat. It is a gate to the city and leads to the romantic Xuan Huong Lake. From the resort visitors can see the Lang Bian Mountains appearing dimly in the mist. They can enjoy a vast open space because the walls of each old villa were demolished to create an area closer to nature. Every large bedroom has a fireplace and overlooks the garden.

Climbing plants make the villa look wild and old. Photo: Huu Thanh
Tran Thi Hong Phuong, Director of the Cadasa branch in Da Lat said that after being restored and upgraded, the villas still have their original beauty. Visitors can see typical styles of French architecture, such as the Colompage in northern France (villas No. 14, 18 and 20), the Savoie in the Alpes region in southeastern France (villa No. 25) and the dome architectural style in northeastern France.

Peace at the villa. Photo: Huu Thanh
The splendid architectural complex is built with special materials. Unlike the heavy stone structure of the contemporary Spanish style, most of these villas were built with split stones and Indochina bricks with lime and resin as the main gluing materials. Villa No. 16 is considered the oldest with the most beautiful architecture in Southeast Asia.

A mingling between the villa’s architecture and nature. Photo: Huu Thanh
The villas in Dalat Cadasa Resort have created a specific charm of the highland city amidst the forests and flowers. The hills around each villa look stunning in sunshine and magnificent in the mist at sunset. From the windows of the villas, people can see Da Lat with mountains, hills and the roofs of houses and hear the bell from a church from far away.

Source: Vietnam.vnanet.vn


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