Lo Lo minority women’s costumes

The Lô Lô ethnic minority group resides communes: Lũng Cú, Lũng Táo, Sủng Là of Đồng Văn district and communes Mèo Vạc, Thượng Phùng, Xín Cái of Mèo Vạc district (Hà Giang). The minority composes of Lô Lô hoa (spot Lô Lô) and Lô Lô đen (black Lô Lô).

Lô Lô people live mainly on farming and raising cattle and partly on weaving or making bamboo and rattan products. They live in villages and each lineage dates to 3 – 5 generations and each family lineage has the same worship-altar, same set of copper drums. The lineage-head decides everything: weddings, funerals or worshippings… that are normally held in his home.

Decoratives and colours on costumes of minority groups in Hà Giang differ. Each has its own identities but all express the traditions and senses of beauty. For Lô Lô female dresses, the main colour is indigo or black. Colourful threads or pieces of cloth make their costumes more eye-catching.

Tourist will be taken by surprise to see the Lô Lô women’s clothes in colour, in embroidery and styles. Decorative patterns vary from square to triangle or diamond-shaped in hems, in sleeves…

Lô Lô women usually have trousers on and shirts cleft chest to hem, stuck together by square or triangle pieces of colourful cloth. The belt is delicately made and it’s very important in dress-style. For Lô Lô hoa women’s dress, the sleeves lock smaller than those of Lô Lô đen. Particularly, their belts are nicely decorated, their scarves are colourfully embroidered and it takes them much of their time and strength to prepare such costumes. On new-year days, weddings or festive occasions, Lô Lô women put on their best and well-made clothes.

Visitors to Đồng Văn, Hà Giang will be able to understand the Lô Lô traditionally cultural values such as their long-preserved sets of drums (very sacred in their spiritual life), their folk songs, their love for the homeland, the aspirations of young lovers and their wishes for a better future.


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