La Vong fried fish

In the mist of dry coldness of the late-Autumn afternoon, Hanoi people remember the old days. They call for each other to go the 2nd floor of the old house in Chả Cá street and sit around a wood table to enjoy fried fish.

Lã Vọng fried fish – Hanoi speciality. Photo: Thuần Thư

Fried fish is an elegant dish. It is displayed on a very white porcelain plate together with other materials and the guests fan until the fish is well cooked. In the middle of the table, there is a coal cooking hearth. On the cooker, there is a small pan that is not too hollow so that oil can not be shoot out and not too deep so that the eaters around the table can contemplate a mild clear yellow of bubbling oil; crispy and silky yellow of the fried fish is delicious. Fish for fried fish must be hemibagrus without tiny bone and with very delicious meat.

When the fried fish is about to be done to a turn, the eaters quickly pick up dills and one-finger onion to put into the pan. When the fried fish is done to a turn, it is curved on greasy greens like a yellow sunlight through canopy.

The furniture we use have luster. On the wall, there are water color paintings and four-screen panels on the delusive heaven that seems to emerge in the mild yellow light.

A very white noodle pickup, some roasted peanuts and some sliced onions soaked in mild white vinegar, some dills and a silky yellow fried fish piece are served with lightly purple lemon and chili shrimp paste. All is enough for a heart wrung with the gloom of the trans-seasonal weather to be burst out for happiness and coziness. It is too delicious and pleasant. The fried fish is delicious and tasteful, which makes the tourists remember it forever.

Thùy Anh


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