Famous Phu Dien grapefruit

Hà Nội fruits are famous with Phú Diễn grapefruits and Xuân Đỉnh sapochi. For hundred years now, Phú Diễn (in Từ Liêm district, Hà Nội) is popularly known with the kind of fruit – grapefruit or bưởi.

Phú Diễn grapefruit in Từ Liêm, Hà Nội
Photo: Vĩnh Cát

It’s said that, the former generations had to hybridize the grapefruit Đoan Hùng (Phú Thọ province) to have the local fruit. Phú Diễn grapefruits are not big but thin skin and thick sections, almost few seeds and sweeter than Đoan Hùng fruits. Phú Diễn grapefruit can be stored in 5 – 6 month and the quality remain unaffected. Harvest season lasts from lunar November, December to serve Tết. Growers pick fruits before Tết to get the trees ready for next season. Phú Diễn grapefruits are planted only in garden, not in the fields and they don’t need too much water and fertilizer as well. It’s thought that the soil of Hồ Tây lake and red river make the fruit more delicious and different in tastes with fruits of other regions.
Phú Diễn locals don’t propagate their products and if they sell seedlings, they keep their secret on how to breed. That’s why customers can buy grapefruits in elsewhere but it’s not so good as in Phú Diễn.

Grapefruits become a strategic plants in Phú Diễn due to which, many families become rich. They plant at least 30 – 40 trees even one hundred in a garden.

Phú Diễn grapefruits are in high demand, not only for Hanoians but for tourists at home and abroad. It’s hoped and believed that Phú Diễn will soon an eco -tourism area in Hà Nội.

Hồng Tâm


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