Hoan Kiem Lake – Sword Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake - Sword Lake

Location: In the middle of Hanoi.

Feature: About six centuries ago, Ho Guom has two parts from Hang Dao street to unchecked to Red River. The water is green all over the year, then it was called Luc Thuy (Green Water).

Sword Lake is attached to a legend in Minh dynasty (1406 – 1428). There is a man named Le Than in Thanh Hoa province who caught a small iron path, he thought it was the sword and brought it home. Once, when he was in the billet sleeping, Le Loi (the former hero – king who defeated the enemy to save the motherland) saw the sparkling thing. Then he came to the forest and see the shiny handle of the sword. Since then, Le Loi continued to win the battle, became the king and the people were able to live in peace.

One day, when Le Loi was on a boat traveling on Luc Thuy lake, one gold tortoise appeared and asked for the return of the sword. The King withdraw the sword and gave the tortoise respectfully. Since then, the lake was named Restored Sword Lake.

There are two islets in the lake: Gem Islet and Turtoise Islet. Now there is a temple on Gem Islet named Ngoc Son.

Like a flower bunch in the middle of the city, Hoan Kiem Lake is surrounded by Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Thai To, Hang Khay streets and many other historical vestiges.

This lake is attracting also because it is related to the old quarter, where the houses are built closely. There is a also a night market in the weekend evenings for people to sell all kinds of goods.


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